Eating Fruit In The Morning

Everywhere you look on the internet, there’s another article on miracle cures, super foods and what or when you should eat. One of those myths is about the consumption of breakfast and even whether eating fruit in the morning is healthy. The truth is, fruit is a healthy option no matter when you eat it. One of the reasons this myth was started is the sugar content of fruit. Whether you eat it in the morning or afternoon, it temporarily increases your blood sugar as the glucose is absorbed. Unlike some of the myths that promote it, it doesn’t “wake up” the digestive system or jump starts it. It’s a carb and as a carb, provides energy.

Fruit provides a lot of nutrients like vitamin C.

While you might get all the vitamins and minerals in a glass of fruit juice, eating the whole fruit is a better choice for breakfast. Whole fruit has fiber, which makes it a better choice than drinking a glass of fruit juice. Fiber comes with its own benefits, such as making you feel fuller longer and slowing the absorption of sugar, keeping blood sugar more level. It provides bulk, which aids in digestion issues and helps lower the risk of diabetes.

Eating just fruit in the morning may not provide the satisfaction a more well rounded breakfast does.

In order to feel satisfied longer and not face that mid morning hunger or slump, you need a combination of food. Lean protein and healthy fat will keep you feeling full, while a complex carbohydrate gives energy and fills you up. Fruit satisfied the need for a complex carb, while adding bulk in the form of fiber to help your digestion. If you don’t include healthy fat or protein, like nuts, you’ll probably face an urgent hunger long before lunchtime occurs.

Pair your fruit with healthy options for a quick, filling breakfast.

If that piece of fruit you ate isn’t making it as a complete meal, which is most probable, pair it with other food. Whether you opt for blueberries, strawberries or raspberries in a cup of Greek yogurt and topped with your favorite nut or simply have a half grapefruit with toast and nut butter or an egg, you’ll feel fuller longer and get a ton of nutrition.

  • If you enjoy having a bit of fruit at breakfast, watch your calorie intake. Try options like papaya and cantaloupe that are lower in calories for weight loss. Fruit that’s higher in calories, which includes bananas, cherries and grapes are far higher in calories, so choose wisely.
  • While eating fruit is healthy, you can get too much of a good thing. While whole fruit is healthy, you also need healthy protein and fat, as well as a higher amount of vegetables in your diet.
  • Avoid canned fruit with extra sugar added. However, frozen and canned options that have no additional sugar are just as healthy of options as fresh fruit, unless you pick it off the plant. They’re processed fresher than you’d buy in the grocery.
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