A Personal Fitness Trainer In San Antonio Can Improve Your Functional Fitness

Everyone wants to get fit for a different reason. Some want to lose weight, while others just want to feel good. Some people want to build muscle strength, but often end up with injuries. What’s the problem? They focus on just looking fit, but not on functional fitness. To do that, you need a personal fitness trainer in San Antonio that will help you build the body you want, while reducing potential injuries from doing every day tasks.

What is functional fitness?

Functional fitness helps get your body ready for movements you do in real life, not just in the gym. It helps your muscles learn to work together with movements you’d do at home, during sports or at work. The movements might be something as simple as pulling, lifting or squatting. They’ll all be made easier, so you when you squat down, getting up will be easier. Lifting heavy objects or even light ones will not only be easier, it will help protect your back from muscle pulls. While lifting weights may build muscle, it’s not the same as lifting an oddly shaped box or a bag of groceries, which can cause you to pull a muscle.

You need to learn the basics, first.

Learning the basics can be done on your own, but it’s far better to use the services of a personal trainer. The trainer first assesses your fitness level and looks for places that need improvement. He or she also learns what your goals are and whether you have any special physical limitations that might require modifying your program. The basics include focusing on balance, power, strength, flexibility and endurance. You’ll be more adept at simple movements, which include bending, twisting, walking and standing, so you’ll also be more graceful and less prone to falls.

A personalized program is important.

All functional fitness programs should be personalized. Each person is unique and has different strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes, a larger muscle is weaker and needs work or smaller muscles take over their task, which can cause a lot of injury down the road. Learning the proper form is extremely important. Functional fitness is all about form and getting muscles to work in unison. Personalizing the program help you strengthen the areas where you need work.

  • Functional fitness workouts help you train your body to work the way it was supposed to work. Early man had functional fitness, or he didn’t survive. Functional fitness trains your body to be used the way it is supposed to be used.
  • You aren’t your fittest if you’re not getting all the nutrients you need. Eating healthy isn’t dieting, it’s learning to make smarter food choices. A functional fitness trainer can help you adjust your diet to benefit your body.
  • Functional fitness actually targets the movements you do daily, building muscle memory, increased mobility and improving both balance and posture. It builds strength in both muscles and ligaments.
  • Functional fitness has also evolved. It now includes functional fitness competitions, such as American Ninja Warriors. While the challenges are greater in these programs, they’re all based on real life movements.

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A Personal Fitness Trainer In San Antonio Can Improve Your Functional Fitness