Strength Training In San Antonio Isn’t Necessarily All Barbells And Weights

Most people picture strength training being limited to barbells and dumbbells with men with bodybuilder Physiques talking about how much weight they can lift. While many large, well proportioned men do strength training in San Antonio, many women and men who aren’t muscle-bound or big and bulky also do. Strength training is for everyone. It’s not the same as muscle or bodybuilding. Muscle-building makes muscles bigger, while strength training makes them stronger.

Strength training is important for everyone.

You need all types of exercise to be your fittest, which include flexibility, endurance, balance and strength. No matter what your gender or your age, strength training is important. In fact, the older you get, the more important it becomes, particularly for women. Osteoporosis occurs when calcium is leached from the bone. Weak muscles and lack of exercise cause it and strength training can slow its progress and in some cases, reverse it. That’s because it causes the muscles to tug at the bone, so the body recalcifies it to make it stronger.

Other benefits of strength training include losing weight.

Not only will you lose weight when you weight train, you’ll lose fat. Excess weight and obesity are the leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States today. You’ll build more lean muscle mass, too. If recovering from an injury or rehabbing from surgery, such as knee surgery or hip replacement, it can help speed recovery. Strength training helps reduce pain from conditions like arthritis and even back pain. It helps reduce depression and anxiety as well. It can reduce the negative effects of menopause, too.

Find a personal trainer that does strength training who uses innovative techniques.

There are many different ways to build strength. Some are the traditional methods like using bodyweight exercises or lifting dumbbells and barbells. A few more innovative ways include adding kettlebells to the mix. While kettlebells have been used for quite a while in other countries, they’re relatively new to the American fitness scene. Adjusting the work outs and including functional fitness and HIIT—high intensity interval training—-is also a sign of a good trainer.

  • If you want to get the most benefits from your strength training workouts, make sure you use a personal trainer who takes time to learn about you and design a personalized program to address all your needs.
  • Every strength trainer understands that a bad diet will slow the growth of muscles and strength. Look for a strength training that helps you with your nutritional program to ensure you have a healthy program of nutrition.
  • Find a strength trainer that keeps you motivated and tracks your progress. The trainer should provide a varied workout program and challenge you at every step to be better.
  • If you’re already an athlete, whose sport doesn’t seem to depend on strength, like a runner, you’ll be surprised at how much strength training can help you improve your performance.

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Strength Training In San Antonio Isn’t Necessarily All Barbells And Weights