Your Body Knows Before Your Mind Does

If you have a relationship with your body, you probably know things that other people don’t know. That’s because your body knows before your mind does. There are often visual cues, tell-tale signs people see, but the processing in the brain is slow. Even scents can create quick emotional responses. The nervous system, your somatic body, doesn’t think. It simply sends signals to react. Paying attention to body cues that range from hair raising on the arms or a feeling like a punch in the gut to feeling good when talking about taking a new job all are giving you important cues.

Anyone that exercises has heard a trainer say, “listen to your body.”

One sure way to get injured is to ignore the messages from your body that are screaming at you to stop. They come in the form of intense pain and can be good indicators that you’re working out too hard, doing something wrong or or attempting something it’s not ready to perform. While your mind may try to dismiss it, you later realize you should have listened, as you’re waiting for your injuries to heal.

Can you avoid other dangers, not at the gym?

I had a client who was very aware of her body signals, although she just called it her extra sense. She made in-home appointments and when knocking on the door of one of those homes, heard a voice in the background, saying “Come in, it’s unlocked.” As she reached for the door, she felt her tell-tale sign that something was wrong, It felt like a hard punch to the stomach. The voice kept talking from the other room, but she remained by the door, luckily. In the middle of the conversation the person attached to the voice appeared. It was a large grown man, completely naked. She was out of the door and into her car in seconds. Was she in danger? Her body thought so and it was probably right. Everyone has had those instances where the body feels the danger before it registers in the brain.

Learn to get in touch with the messages your body sends.

Your body and your senses have a lot to offer. They can provide those primitive messages that kept prehistoric man safe. You can feel someone watching you or smell the scent of anger. These senses enter the nervous system and can trigger a response. Your body can instantly sense these chemo-signals. Signals from body language are often overlooked by the mind, but not by the body. Most of all, your body is constantly sending you signals to help you live a happier life, You can get more in touch with your body in a number of ways. Try mindfulness or meditation.

  • Yoga and dance are also good to get you more in touch with your body. Don’t do formal dancing, but more primal, to fast music and just appreciate how good it feels for each muscle to move. You’re learning to understand body speak.
  • Do deep breathing exercises or take a walk in nature to start getting in touch with your body speak.
  • When you workout, keep your mind focused on how each movement feels, rather than planning the dinner menu. You can use your workout time to get more in touch with the messages from the body.

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