Ways To Burn More Body Fat Throughout The Day

You can increase your weight loss and burn more body fat by changing a few things you do throughout the day. While nothing will replace working out and a healthy diet, these tips can supplement that routine and improve your overall fat burning ability. Lots of clients in San Antonio, TX like having some simple tips to get their fat burning furnaces going, so I put together a few ideas that will help you shed your weight and start losing fat consistently.

Keep it simple. Keep water with you at all times.

I’m a real nut on hydration. I call water my magical elixir in a bottle. I can actually taste subtle differences in water! Water actually works better for me than coffee to boost my energy later in the day, although I do love my morning cup of coffee. In order to keep those fat burning fires going, you need to have adequate hydration. Try to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. If you’re working out that day, increase the amount by a couple of glasses. You’ll sweat out the extra. Limit your water at meals, but in between meals so you don’t “water down” the digestive juices and make absorption of nutrients more difficult.

Start your day with protein.

Protein fills you up, not out, so when you start with a breakfast high in protein, you’ll feel full longer throughout the day. If you’re used to a sugary or high carb breakfast, you probably notice you’re starved within a few hours. Healthy fat should also be part of your breakfast menu. Consider an egg, fresh fruit, like blueberries, and maybe an avocado with some hot sauce for breakfast.

Make sure you include strength training in your workout program.

Sure, cardio burns loads of calories, but not all of them come from fat. In fact, it burns both lean muscle tissue and fat for the calories. The less lean muscle tissue you have, the slower your metabolism. Muscle tissue requires more calories around the clock just for maintenance. When you include strength training in your workout, you not only burn calories, but you also build muscle tissue to keep you burning extra calories around the clock.

  • Get more sleep. Lack of sleep messes with your hunger and fullness hormones, so you’ll eat more and feel less satisfied. It also stresses your body, making it more susceptible to increasing fat.
  • Use the concept of HIIT, high intensity interval training, throughout the day. HIIT is nothing more than alternating between top intensity movement and moderate recovery intensity. Change intensity as you walk or do tasks to boost calorie burning and also include it in your workout program.
  • Improve your gut health. Having healthy microbes to aid digestion can boost your weight loss. Eat probiotic and prebiotic foods and avoid sugar.
  • Take a walk in the sun. You’ll boost your vitamin D and help your body, energy level and mood. Get about 20 minutes of sun without sunscreen a day. Build up your time slowly until you have a protective tan.

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