This Is Your Year To Shine

If you’re already a member of Iron Fit in San Antonio, Texas, you probably already have your goals set and are ready to start your program to accomplish them. For those who are considering a fitness program, this could be your year to shine. It takes determination, persistence, hard work and keeping your eye on the prize, but it can be done. In fact, we actually have a 28 day challenge to help you get a jump start on your goals.

It all starts with knowing where you are right now.

One of the biggest benefits of working with a personal trainer is getting the help of assessing your present fitness level. The journey to fitness is like any other trip you take. In order to create a map to get you to your destination, you have to know where you’re starting. Using that information, the trainer then designs a program that’s tough, but still within your capabilities.

Creating weekly goals is also important if you want to shine.

Breaking down a big goal to smaller ones help you stay on track better. It’s far easier to check your progress each week and make adjustments along the way. What are the types of things you monitor with these goals? They can include your diet, sleeping habits, hydration and workout program. We find that circuit training gets results fast, so when you workout at Iron Fit, you may even exceed your goals.

Working out with others, a workout buddy or personal trainer helps you stay on track.

Whether you use the services of a personal trainer, have a workout buddy or simply workout in a group, you’ll do better than if you workout alone. Both a personal trainer and a workout buddy keep you accountable, encouraging you to workout when you might not feel like it. That encouragement isn’t verbal, but just knowing you’re meeting with someone. Working out with a buddy, in a group or with a trainer can push you to workout harder and longer, rather than quitting early.

  • In order to shine and achieve, you have to create a goal that’s truly yours and something you really want to achieve. If you’re starting a program because a friend or partner said you should, you won’t be as invested in success.
  • Workout smart and get the quickest results. Circuit training can help you do that. Results are super motivating and give you a chance to shine early on, to help you reach your ultimate goal later.
  • You can achieve anything you set your mind to do. It’s all about believing in yourself and providing that mental can-do attitude.
  • Enjoying your workout helps keep you on track. At Iron Fit, we have a program that’s varied that’s challenging and fun. If you’ve never tried kettlebells before, it’s an experience most people really enjoy.

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