The Truth About Belly Fat

What is belly fat? It’s that extra tire around your middle that you can’t seem to shake no matter what you do. There’s a reason. It’s visceral fat, fat in your abdominal cavity that wraps around your organs. Unlike subcutaneous fat that’s right under the skin, it’s harder to lose. One of the causes of belly fat is high-fructose corn syrup. It’s in many types of food, since it’s cheap. Belly fat produces inflammation and can cause plaque. There’s even a link to Alzheimer’s. Getting rid of belly fat means doing more than just a few sit-ups, it means making lifestyle changes.

Start by changing your diet.

Eating healthier makes a difference, cutting out high sugar items, refined flour, processed meats and fast foods is a start. Some people start by giving up sugary soft drinks, but then replace them with ones that are artificially sweetened. New studies show that diet soft drinks actually cause more belly fat. Opt for fresh fruits and vegetables that are higher in fiber, but start slowly. Eating too much fiber at once, without allowing your body to adjust, can upset your digestive system.

Low carbs and high fiber is a good route to take.

Studies show that a diet that’s lower in carbohydrates can help eliminate visceral—belly—fat. Studies show that intermittent fasting can help reduce belly fat by 4-7%. Intermittent fasting can be done several ways. The most popular is eating all your meals in an 8-hour window and fasting the other 16 hours. Increasing the fiber and protein in your diet can make a huge difference in both your weight and the amount of belly fat you have.

Get active.

Inactivity is a killer that not only packs on the pounds, collects those pounds on your midsection. Leading a sedentary lifestyle is a killer. One study showed that people who watched more TV, which was the measure of how sedentary they were, had more belly fat. Those watching more than three hours a day were at twice the risk of belly fat. Today computer or smartphone viewing are part of the mix and just the same as watching TV. You simply don’t move enough or get active enough to be your healthiest. Exercise also burns off the hormones of stress, such as cortisol. Cortisol is linked to weight gain and belly fat.

  • Trans fats can create an inflammatory response, which increases insulin resistance. That also increases the amount of belly fat that accumulates.
  • Alcoholic beverages can slow the process of burning fat and cause the extra calories to store as belly fat. Studies show that people who consume less than three drinks a day had an 80% chance of having less belly fat.
  • The microbial balance in your gut can contribute to belly fat. So can an imbalance of hormones, such as during menopause. Exercise not only helps balance hormones, it boosts the friendly microbes and can help reduce belly fat.
  • Get adequate sleep to help keep your hunger and satiety hormones in balance. Drink more water to help flush your system, reduce hunger pangs and boost your energy level.

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