Stretches That Help Relieve Stress

Stress can cause a lot of problems, from tension headaches to high blood pressure. Unfortunately, when people are under stress, particularly if it comes from a deadline, they often fail to take the time to deal with it. It only takes a minute or two to do stretches, but it’s well worth the time. Stretching can help relieve stress and boost your energy so you’ll actually work faster. Whether you’re trying to get rid of a tension headache or just want some relief from the pressure of the day, there are stretches that relieve stress that you can do to bring you the relief you need to keep on going.

Many people experience tension in their shoulders and neck first.

It’s the nature of most people’s work that causes the tension in the neck and shoulders. Either they’re bent over at an angle that’s uncomfortable (like a kitchen or work counter that’s a little too low) or sit at a desk all day and store up that tension in their shoulders. It can cause headaches, TMJ or just a painful neck. While seated, put your hands behind your head and interlock your fingers at the base of your neck. Slowly tilt your head forward as you squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold for 15 seconds. Release and repeat three more times. You’ll feel refreshed quickly.

Finish off the neck stretches with a few more stretches.

Wrap your left arm around your head, with fingers touching the right ear. Tug on your head gently to bring the left ear toward the left shoulder, breathing deeply as you do. Hold for six breathes and then do the other side. Finish it off by dropping your head toward your chest for a count of six breaths and then dropping it backward for the same length of time.

Your thighs, groin, chest and shoulders will relax with low lunges.

An overall stretch that can help boost your energy, while also relaxing your body is a low lunge. Don’t push yourself on this one, it’s meant for relaxation. Begin in low lunge position with the left leg bent and foot right under the knee. The right leg should be behind you with the knee on the floor. Place your hands beside your body behind your shoulders and breathe deeply, holding the position. Switch legs, putting the left leg behind then add another step in the same position, but raising your hands toward the ceiling as high as you can. Don’t stretch beyond the point where it feels good.

  • Kneel in front of a couch or chair with space in front to extend your body so your forearms just touch when you lean forward. Lengthen your spine as you lean forward and hinge at the hips. Hold the position with head down, then return to upright position.
  • Roll a towel and grab one end in each hand. Lay on your back and loop the towel around one foot. With the other knee bent, foot flat on the floor, raise the leg looped in the air, pulling it toward you with the towel.
  • Push you bottom against the wall and raise your legs, resting them on the wall at a right angle to the body. Try to straighten them as you do. Hold the position and allow muscles to relax.
  • Rocking from side to side, whether sitting on the floor with legs crossed or laying on the floor with knees up in a V position, can help roll out the kinks and stretch the back, bringing relief.

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