Signs You Might Need A Mental Health Day

A fever, runny nose, coughing and chills can be sure signs you need to take a sick day, but not all illnesses are physical. Sometimes, you feel overwhelmed and ready to scream, which is just one sign you need a mental health day. Stress and good mental health are important to your physical health. Stress can be one of the leading causes of illness. It can affect your mood, your productivity and make your life miserable. How do you know when to take a break and pamper yourself a bit with rest and recovery? There are other signs that might help.

Physical exhaustion can be a problem if you need a mental break.

Long hours and lots of stress can take its toll on your body and mind. While staying up all night to study for a test can help you make it through one test, it can also lead to complete exhaustion and the need for a mental health day. If you’re running on fumes, it’s time to take a break or you’ll run out of gas completely. You might think spending all day in bed is a good idea, but you might be better being slightly more active. Take a bike ride, spend time in nature or go for a walk. You’ll feel more refreshed when you go back to your daily grind.

You need a mental health day when you feel too isolated.

If you feel disconnected and isolated from family and friends, you need to take time to reconnect. That calls for a mental health day. Spend time with your family or do an activity with a friend that everyone will enjoy. It not only helps create memories, it’s healthy and good for relationships and your well-being. People need social interaction, not just a passing word or occasional nod. Reconnect and you’ll be amazed how good you feel.

Do you feel like you’re ready to jump out of your skin or snap over simple things.

Anxiety and a feeling of tension goes hand in hand with overwork and the need for a mental healthy day. Overreacting to small things can make you feel bad and increase the tension. When you need something that will make a difference, take time to examine your emotions and see what caused you to feel that way. Keep a diary of incidences and feelings. It can help relieve you of the burden.

  • Having difficulty making decisions or focusing can be a sign you need a mental health day. Take a day from all the distractions to help clear away brain fog.
  • If you feel like there’s just not enough time to accomplish everything you need to do, it’s time to take a mental health day and evaluate all your demands. Not everything is important and needs to be done. For instance, if your schedule is packed, don’t worry about washing the windows. They can wait.
  • Try some go-to quick fixes, such as meditation, yoga or exercise. These can help clear the brain and lower your stress level. If none of your coping mechanisms are working, take a day away from the stress.
  • A glaring sign you need a mental health day is having physical symptoms. Frequent illness like colds, nausea, insomnia, tightness in the chest, headaches, backaches and gastrointestinal distress can be clues you need a mental health day.

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