At 57 yrs. old and almost 300 lbs, I thought my best fitness days were well behind me.

I had always been in decent shape. A multi-sport letterman in college, I played competitive volleyball until my mid-40’s, worked out with weights, and never really thought too much about my diet. About 10 years ago I ripped both rotator cuffs – within 1.5 years of each other – and transitioned from a very active to a sedentary lifestyle. As the years progressed, I found myself taking medication to control high blood pressure and cholesterol, had no energy, and often wondered how the heck I ended up ‘like this’.

I was the poster child for metabolic syndrome, on a direct collision course with a heart attack or stroke.

One Saturday morning last year I was looking for a place to eat (go figure) and noticed a lot of cars parked next to a restaurant. The restaurant was out of business, but I heard music and enthusiastic voices. I walked around the corner to see what all the commotion was about, and that was my 1st introduction to a family of sweating, smiling, friendly Iron Fitters and Erik Guerra. I spoke with them, got information (for my wife!), and headed home to give her the exciting news.

She joined, and completely changed her body. She kept encouraging me to give it a shot, but I used every excuse known to mankind, and some new ones! Finally, this past January, I made a commitment to myself that I would use the 3-day trial pass and go with her to workout. My number 1 goal: don’t re-injure a shoulder! I started going once a week, then twice, then 3 times- I think it took me 6 weeks to get up to 4-5 times a week.

I think this is a very important point. Iron Fitters are not in direct competition with each other. I was obese, and working out next to encouraging people in fantastic shape. And, I never felt unwelcome, or self-conscious- just part of the team! That’s the Erik Guerra Secret Sauce!

Fast forward 10 months.

I have lost 70 lbs. take no medication, went from a tight 44 to a comfortable 36 pant, and I am in the best overall shape I have been in since my early 20’s. I have energy, stamina, strength, and belong to a family of like-minded Iron Fitter’s that truly care and excitedly cheer through every struggle, plateau, and goal achieved. We follow Erik’s awesome guidance, add our effort, sprinkle in lots of fun, throw in a challenge for those that may be interested, keep in touch daily through our workouts and social media, and before you know it you are buying new clothes, feeling great, and helping the next new Iron Fitter meet their goals.

Thanks for saving my life, Erik Guerra and the Iron Fit Family!

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