Revitalize Your Health

There are so many stressors in our environment, from the food we eat, pollutants we breathe and the toxic stress at work or home, it’s important to revitalize your health and learn to live a healthier lifestyle. It won’t change the environment around you, but it can make you more able to live longer and with less stress. Even when the day is crazy, some of these tips can get you back to normal in no time at all.

Revitalize yourself with regular exercise.

Talk about a stress buster, there’s nothing better than exercise to do that. Of course, learning to be mellow with meditation also helps prevent the stress. Exercise does more than burn off the hormones of stress. It improves circulation, sending oxygen and nutrient rich blood to all areas of the body. It can improve your complexion, make you look years younger, help you stay healthier and even boost your energy level—just to name a few benefits.

Eating healthy will get you back on track.

If you’re out of sorts, it could be the food you eat. Highly processed foods often contain sugar that can set your blood sugar levels on a roller coaster ride. You’ll get cranky hungry quickly and then seek more sugar to level off, only to have it occur repeatedly. Lack of nutrients can set your body on a collision course. Try eating some baby greens to boost your nutrition. These are often called microgreens. They’re bigger than sprouts, but not yet matured. These nutritional packed powerhouses can have as much as forty times the amount of nutrients as the fully matured types. You don’t have to eat a full salad of them, just add a few to boost the nutrition.

Supplement your sunshine.

Even though Texas has plenty of sunshine, not everyone’s schedule allow them to bask in it. People who live in Northern areas don’t have the advantage of as much sun, so they have even more of a problem. Studies show that the vast majority of Americans have low vitamin D levels. A shortage of vitamin D can cause mineral shortages, since it affects the absorption. Vitamin D helps boost your immunity, keeps your body weight healthy and can help prevent serious diseases, including osteoporosis. It’s also mandatory for healthy teeth. A vitamin D3 supplement can help.

  • Hang your head and improve your mood. Whether you do shoulder stands or finding a yoga position that sends blood rushing to your head, you’ll get results that improve your mood, improved digestion and better skin. Just hold the position for at least thirty seconds.
  • Switch to other types of nut butters and vary the type frequently to boost all types of nutrients. You can create cashew butter at home by using a food processor, just as you can several other types of nut butter. However, some natural food stores have machines that process them for you. You just pour them into the processor, grind, then pay for the container of nut butter based on weight.
  • Get some healthy fat. Not all fat is bad, some is super good for you. Butter made from milk of grass fed cows is actually heart healthy. So is the fat from avocados. Healthy fat also helps lift depression.
  • Get more sleep at night. Americans are taught at an early age that a good work ethic that burns the candles at both ends is good. Well, it’s not. It deprives you of the chance to let your body heal and rest your mind and makes you work slower and harder.

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