I had never really considered myself to be overweight; after all, I am 5’7” and maintained an average weight of 161 pounds. I had always been active and physically capable of doing day to day activities. I had ran 5K’s, completed numerous Obstacle Course Races and had even ran a full marathon!

I felt with all I had done, I was on track and doing everything right……but in reality, I was fooling myself.

My turning point came in December of 2015, when I watched my mother struggle through recovery after heart surgery. Seeing and caring for her, I finally realized that I needed to take care of myself both physically and mentally; so I joined a CrossFit gym, but I wasn’t seeing any results. I had little to no guidance or support in order to help or see me through my challenges. In the end, it didn’t work for me.

I knew Erik and had tried out his gym Iron Fit Circuit Training previously; but being a wife, mother and working fulltime, I lacked the commitment to put myself first. This time I was determined things would be different! I had followed the tremendous physical transformations of his clients during a previous weight loss challenge…they were simply amazing!! I told myself this is what I needed and that I could do this, so I joined and started his next transformation challenge shortly after! Little did I know then; the physical and emotional impact his training, guidance, support and even the gym itself would have on me. In 12 weeks, I lost 16 pounds, gained muscle and began to get toned!

At Iron Fit Circuit Training, the workouts are crafted to help you gain muscle while losing fat. Erik is always available to answer your questions, encourage you in your goals, motivate you and will push you to excel! His clients are just as amazing as Erik is as a trainer! I became a member of the ‘Iron Fit family’…..I wasn’t judged….I wasn’t intimidated…I was accepted!!

Words alone cannot express the gratitude I have and feel for Erik and Iron Fit Circuit Training!

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