Make Strength Training Part Of Your Daily Life

One thing that definitely will help you shed weight is strength training. If you’re already working out regularly, you’re probably doing it two or three days a week and working different body areas. However, you can boost the effect with a few simple exercises you can do every morning and by changing a few habits you do every day. If you’re like me, you love to stretch the first thing in the morning. I feel like a dynamic stretches get me ready for the day. I also love to add a few quick exercises to the mix, which also boosts my readiness for the day.

Give ten minutes to strength training, but vary the type you do.

You don’t and shouldn’t do the same exercises every day. It doesn’t give those muscles time to build. However, there are a few strength training exercises you can add to your morning stretching than will get your blood flowing and ready for the day, plus help you increase your energy level. Keep it simple and do only four or five exercises with two or three sets of each. Vary the workout daily and do an easier one the day you workout at the gym.

Resistance bands are great at home equipment.

You can get a full body workout to start the day with just six minutes or so. While it’s not meant to replace your workout regimen, it’s a good supplement you can do daily and increase your overall activity. One is super simple. Grab the band in the middle with your hands in front of you and pull. Another is to put one end on the floor, held in place with your foot, and with the other had pull the band up and to the side. Tie it around your calves, squat and step to the side with one foot. Pause, then bring your other foot over and then back to the original position. Finally, do a glute bridge, but holding the band over your thighs and held to the floor at your side with your hands as you do it.

Another way that’s simple is body weight exercises to boost your strength.

Whether it’s squats, pull ups or step ups, there are all types of variations you can do to increase the amount of strength training. Focus on doing a few pushups or pull ups each morning, then try one of the variations of squats, like pistol squats or split squats. Doing a skaters move or step ups are also good.

  • Get work done around the house and build your core muscles. Vacuuming, raking and sweeping all tone your muscles. Put some zip in loading the wash machine by stand about ten feet away. Put the dirty laundry on the other side of you as you spin to toss it in the wash. Lifting the full basket is also a workout.
  • Do squats when you pick up clothes or toys off the floor. See, you don’t need a formal workout to get a good workout.
  • Wash windows and do it vigorously. That is good for upper body strength. Carrying children and pets will also boost your body strength. It also builds bonds. (If you have a large dog…better pass on this one.)
  • Don’t underestimate simple tasks. Carry your groceries into the house, enjoy a brisk walk to take the garbage out and go without a few labor saving devices once in a while. You’ll be amazed at how it also can boost your strength.

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