Is Your Body Ready For Summer

If you talk to the people who workout in our San Antonio, Texas gym, you know that they’ve already started to get swimsuit ready or they’re ready year around for more revealing clothing. If you haven’t already started, it’s not too late to get your body ready for summer. Even though it’s June, you still have three months of summer and you could look fabulous with time to spare for swimsuit weather and more revealing clothing that’s part of the season.

It starts with setting goals.

It’s one thing to think about getting into shape and quite another to write out goals. Do you want to lose weight? Is toning your goal or do you simply want to boost your energy for more summer fun? Identifying your goal and then laying out the steps that will help you achieve it is important. Your goal must be measurable with steps you can reach along to the way to reach it. If you want to lose ten pounds, how are you going to do it? One reason personal trainers are so valuable is that they help you set goals and create plans to help you reach them. It’s the toughest part. Track your progress. Winners keep score.

Eating healthy should be part of your program.

Whether you want to boost energy levels, build a toned body or lose weight, eating healthy should be an integral part of the program. Healthy eating provides the nutrients to build muscle tissue and helps you shed unwanted pounds. It also increases your energy by omitting sugar and other ingredients that can sap you of your energy and strength. If weight loss is your goal, a healthy diet is a must. You can’t out exercise poor eating habits, no matter how hard you try.

Make your workout an appointment.

Exercise and healthy eating needs to become a habit to be the most effective. Until it becomes one, you have to take special care to ensure you stick with the program. Make your workout as important as any appointment you have in your schedule. Consider it a “not going to the doctor’s” appointment, since it helps you stay healthier.

  • You can make eating healthy easier by planning meals ahead, shopping once a week—after you’ve eaten—and making all your meals on the weekend, so you just have to warm them for supper.
  • Double your recipes to make extra meals to freeze. After a few weeks, you’ll have fewer meals to create on the weekend, since your freezer will be stocked. Use the divided freezer containers to store meals.
  • Add to your workout and include some fun activities that provide exercise on your days away from the gym. It can include bicycling, hiking, swimming or other activity you enjoy.
  • Track your progress, not only by the amount of weight you lost, but also by the progress you’ve made in the gym, clothing size or even health indicators like blood pressure.

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