How To Start Your Fitness Journey

It’s that time of year when everyone has his or her own special resolution. A lot of people focus on getting healthier, losing weight and boosting their energy level. If you’re one of those who is about to start your fitness journey there are some ways to help boost the potential for success and even make the journey far more fun and enjoyable. One tip is to find a workout buddy. A workout buddy holds you accountable, since you’ll be meeting that person to workout. It’s harder to skip a workout when you know someone is waiting for you.

Dress comfortably but also make your clothing work for you.

If you’re going to the gym, don’t worry if you don’t have the latest clothing seen in workout magazines. Make sure what you’re wearing is comfortable, but still fits well enough not to get in the way of your workout. Have clothing that supports you whether you’re doing a push-up or jumping jacks. Having comfortable, good shoes is also important. One tip is to mimic some of the moves you’ll make. If your clothing pinches when you bend, don’t buy it. Have clothing that breathes and ones you can wear in layers, especially in the winter, so you can remove a layer as you warm up.

It’s all about your mindset.

If you go in hating exercise or feel deprived with a new healthier diet, you’re starting defeated from the beginning. Get exciting. Think of how great you’ll feel and focus on that. Enjoy every bite of healthy food. Focus on the flavor. If you’ve given up sugar, you’ll be amazed at how really sweet fruit starts to taste after a few weeks. That’s because the more added sugar you eat, the more you need to get that sweet taste. Once you quit adding extra sugar, your taste buds come alive. Start collecting healthy recipes you love and share them with a friend.

Get fit by setting goals and focusing on both a healthy diet and regular exercise.

One thing is certain, you can’t out exercise a bad diet. So, if weight loss or getting fit are your goals, add both to your “to-do” list. Schedule a time every day for exercise. You don’t have to go to the gym every day or do calisthenics. Go to the gym on alternate days and on your days away from the gym taking a walk, dancing or biking could be viable exercise outlets. Find something active that you love and do it in your scheduled exercise days on your days away from the gym.

  • Be precise in your goals, have a way to measure them and track your results. Find an appropriate measure for your goal. It’s often pounds lost but can be the number of stairs you can run up in a few minutes, your blood pressure or blood sugar reading or other important number.
  • Spend the first few weeks focusing on form for each exercise. Once you know your form is correct, then worry about repetitions. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down for each session.
  • Always carry a bottle of water with you when you exercise. Sip on it throughout your workout. Staying hydrated is extremely important no matter what the weather.
  • Write down your reason for setting your workout goals and keep it prominently posted. Every time you want to put off exercising, or eating healthy, reread your goals.

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