How To Make Working Out A Habit

You can’t expect miracles from one exercise session, you have to do it consistently. That’s why it’s important to make working out a habit. If you’ve ever tried to stop a bad habit, you’ll understand that habits are hard to break. Suppose your habit was watching TV after dinner every night, and you changed it by forcing yourself to get up and walk after dinner. Before too long, you wouldn’t have to force yourself. You’d do it automatically and be healthier for the change. Your digestion would improve thanks to gravity. You’d have more energy and probably lose weight.

Creating a healthy habit takes planning.

One way to help you get into the habit of exercise is to schedule it, as you would any other appointment. Find a time that fits your schedule and fill that space every day. That doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym daily. You can do a full workout two, three, or four days a week and use the other days for activities like bike riding, walking, or any activity that keeps your body moving. If your day gets hectic, schedule your workout in the morning before your day starts.

Get a workout buddy.

When you’re working out with a friend, someone else is keeping you accountable. That can prove very beneficial. Studies have shown that periodically checking in with someone can help you maintain consistency. Having a personal trainer also provides that same level of accountability. Not only does a workout buddy keep you accountable for attending the session, but they also keep you going when you might otherwise quit early.

Take it easy at first.

If you’re trying to make exercise a habit, nothing kills the enthusiasm like overdoing it. If you workout hard at first, your body may not be ready. Take it slowly at first and learn the correct form for each exercise. Don’t expect to run a marathon the first week you start running or do a series of variations for two-minute planks if you’ve never even done a 10-second plank. If you exercise so hard you can’t walk the next day, it’s counterproductive.

  • Set an alarm on your phone to remind you it’s almost time to exercise. While most people have that type of technology, if you don’t keep your phone with you, leave post-it notes to yourself to work out. If you’re driving constantly, put them on the dashboard.
  • Create goals that increase in increments. You can start with something as simple as working out three times a week for four weeks. You can do the same for each exercise you do, increasing the difficulty slightly each week.
  • Track your progress. Keep a record of your workout, including the number of reps and sets of each exercise. For fun, add how easy or hard it was. Winners keep score. Exercising consistently becomes a game that you can win.
  • Remember that you’ll rust out faster than you’ll wear out. Making the body stronger helps protect the joints. It can prevent future tears and damage to the muscles from doing everyday activities.

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