How To Beat The Soda Habit

Soft drinks give you a sugar rush, plus they many contain high amounts of caffeine, to add to boost it. They also pack on the pounds with the sugar they contain. It’s more than just the sugar in soft drinks that’s damaging, it’s the phosphorus and other ingredients that cause health issues and tooth decay. In fact, it’s even linked to bone issues. Here are tips to help you beat the soda habit and declare yourself free once and for all.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It took a long time to develop an addiction to soft drinks. It’s the flow of sugar and caffeine to the brain that triggers the same area as opioids. If you drink more than a bottle a day or two, start by cutting back. Buy smaller cans or bottles or get a good cap that seals in the fizz so it doesn’t go flat. Turn each serving into two servings or alternate between soft drink and water. Work your way to one a day, then one can every other day, etc., until you give it up completely. It takes a while to change a habit, especially if you’re had that habit for years.

Opt for non-carbonated, unsweetened options.

Explore a bit, start getting creative. If you need a caffeine jolt, opt for a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. Both have benefits for your body. In fact, a cup of coffee before a workout can make your workout more productive. Don’t put sugar or cream in either, or any other shots or squirts of flavor. Learn to be a fan of water. If your water quality is poor, opt for a water filter or bottled water. Try making infused water that’s flavored with fruits and vegetables if you hate plain water.

Get a real eye-opener if you’re trying to lose weight and track your soft drink calories.

You’ll be surprised when you see just how many calories you consume in an 8-ounce serving. It’s about 100 calories a serving with no nutritional benefits! When you think of how long it takes you to exercise to burn that many calories, especially if you’re drinking more than one serving a day, you’ll want to put that soft drink aside.

  • Don’t think that substituting diet soft drinks will help either. Studies show that drinking diet alternatives can lead to an increased waist circumference. So if you want a slim middle with no belly fat, skip the diet cola.
  • If you aren’t ready to start making your own infused water, switch to flavored water first, then infused water and ultimately to regular water. The same is true of tea or coffee. Slowly add less sugar and cream until you drink it without adding anything.
  • Do you find you tend to drink more soft drinks at certain places, like fast food restaurants? Avoid those places for a while. If you are paying for the soft drink, put the money you saved by drinking water in a jar and save it for something you want.
  • Keep alternatives ready to use. If you’re switching to unsweetened ice tea, have some made in the refrigerator. Is infused water your option? Have it ready to drink when you’re thirsty. Carry a bottle of water with you at all times.

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