How Important Is Nutrition In Weight Loss?

If you want to be successful at weight loss, it takes a healthy diet. It’s important to eat fewer calories than you burn and get adequate nutrition. For every pound you gained, you had to eat 3500 more calories than you burned. It might be that 440 calorie Snickers bar you bought at the gas station or put in your basket while you were waiting to check out at the grocery. How many hours of exercise would it take to work off those excess calories? If you weighed 150 pounds, you’d have to jump rope at a moderate pace for about 35 minutes.

If one candy bar made that much difference, imagine what your daily calorie intake does.

If you’re consuming high calorie foods that have little nutritional value, you could spend all day in the gym and still gain weight. You also need nutritional food to build a healthy body and give you the energy to workout. You need protein for muscle building, healthy fat for many functions, including burning fat. It’s the high carb, highly processed diet that will cause you to fail to lose weight every time.

The benefits of both exercise and a healthy diet has been known as beneficial for a long time.

While there have been diversions in some categories, eating healthy food and exercising regularly has always been considered important for good health. When you workout, you need nutrients to help repair the micro tears in the muscle tissue. Exercise also boosts the production of telomeres, which protect the chromosomes in the cells, but you need the building blocks to create both cells and telomeres.

Some foods speed weight loss, while others impede it.

Sugar affects metabolism and is so destructive for every cell in the body that eating foods with added sugar should be banned from everyone’s diet. There’s often no real food in many of the food items offered on the grocery shelves. To eat healthy, make it simple. Eat foods that are closest to whole foods. If they’re packaged, eat food that has fewer ingredients. They can be frozen fruit and vegetables or canned, just read the label and buy ones that contain just one ingredient. You’ll find it far easier to lose weight.

For weight loss, you need both a healthy diet and regular exercise. Jack Lalanne, the first televised promoter of a healthy lifestyle, said the need for both best, “Exercise is king, nutrition is queen.”

You’ll be surprised at how easy eating healthy can be. Many of the recipes are remarkably simple, yet delicious, healthy and lower in calories.

Eating healthy isn’t dieting. In fact, it’s the opposite of dieting. Diets always end and leave you feeling deprived and hungry. Healthy eating leaves you full, satisfied and is a lifelong journey.

Eating healthy actually improves the quality of your workout. Sugary foods will slow you down, but a quick snack of protein and a healthy carb before and after your workout will help you build muscles, improve your workout and eventually help you boost your metabolism as muscles grow.

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