Have You Ever Tried “Mini-Workouts”?

What are mini-workouts? Just as the name implies, they’re short workouts. You can do mini-workouts two different ways. You can break your traditional workout into three or four sections, doing mini workouts throughout the day or just do a shorter workout that’s extremely intense. The more intense the workout, the less time you have to spend exercising to get the same benefits. Mini workouts can cut out the wasted time resting between exercises or time spent talking to others.

More focus, more intensity and more results.

If you’re running, running at peak speed will burn far more calories than a leisurely run. The same is true when doing other exercises. However, if you’re doing strength building, it’s pounds added to the weight you’re lifting that makes a difference. You have to go slower to activate muscle fibers and get the most from each movement.

Mini workouts can be HIIT workouts or circuit training.

High intensity interval training—HIIT—focuses on a high intensity phase and alternating it with a recovery phase. You work at highest intensity for a short period, sometimes less than a minute, and workout at a recovery pace for the same amount of time or more. Circuit training can be made more intense by resting less between sets and exercises. Both can make a traditional workout a mini workout.

Short workouts can fit into your schedule easier.

If you’re cramped for time, you might find enough time for two or three mini-workouts of average intensity, two or three times during the day. Studies show that doing two 15 minute exercises or three 10 minute workouts provides the same benefit as a half hour of exercise. If you’re creating your mini workout by boosting the intensity, you’ll be more focused with less tendency to be distracted other things that can be a waste of time.

  • Several studies show that fast, short, high intensity workouts, which can be as short as 7 minutes, can provide as much benefit as an hour of lifting weights or a longer run.
  • Working out for a long time may actually be a deterrent for some, knowing how rushed it makes the day. Short workouts are easier to fit into your schedule and more appealing mentally to some. It can help keep you on track for workouts.
  • When you keep your workout shorter, the potential for overworking muscle groups is kept at a minimum. However, when you do mini-workouts, you need to pay special attention to proper form.
  • If you do several short workouts throughout the day, you’ll not only boost your metabolism during the workout, but keep it working at its peak throughout the day. You’ll be less prone to exhaustion near the end of the workout and be more efficient.

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