I’ve trained with Erik for almost 5 years now. I’ve followed him from gym to gym and when he finally took the plunge and opened up Iron Fit Circuit Training at Stone Oak, I immediately joined! Erik’s always been a great trainer, but since venturing out with his own gym and being able to utilize his own methodology of instruction, I have seen fantastic results!

Before Iron Fit, I trained on a pretty regular basis but never ever really took it to that next level. With Erik, I’ve been able to do just that! I began training 5-6 days a week, always setting a goal to achieve whether it be participation in an obstacle course race or some other event, I found it becoming easy to push myself with Erik’s guidance!

My most recent accomplishment with Iron Fit began this past January with a 12 week Fitness Challenge. I had been determined that I wasn’t going to do it as I had done weight loss challenges before, but I never took them seriously and never got anything out of them; but his time, something was telling me to follow through with it, so I joined the week before the challenge began. For whatever reason, this time I found myself determined and focused. My initial goal was to just get under 200 pounds by the end of the 12 weeks, which seemed unrealistic.

The first week was the toughest, but Erik was always there with encouragement and words of wisdom to push through the difficult times. Erik taught all of us, there was more to fitness and weight loss than just exercise and in order to transform our bodies, we needed to learn the tools to a healthier lifestyle. I took everything Erik taught me to heart as he monitored and pushed us each and every day.

Through it all, I had made the decision to make the necessary sacrifices needed to be successful and in 12 weeks, I had lost a whopping 39.5 pounds!! 16.93% of my body weight!!! I went from 233.3 pounds at the start of the challenge, and on day 90, I weighed in at 193.8 pounds!! I not only met my initial goal, but I surpassed it and was under 200 pounds for the first time since college! I had not just ‘lost weight’ though; at the age of 47, I am presently the leanest and strongest I’ve ever been! I’ve made some of the best friends anyone could ever ask for!! If you were to look at my 90 day picture (and squint), you can even make out abs!! 🙂

For anyone whose looking to change their life…for anyone whose looking to make great friends…for anyone whose looking to become part of THE best gym in San Antonio….you need to come join Erik and us at Iron Fit Circuit Training at Stone Oak!!!

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