Functional Fitness – Getting Your Body Ready For A Year Of Fun

I watch people put their heart and soul into their workout program here in San Antonio, Texas. Some come in because they have medical issues that exercise and a healthy diet can help. Some just want to shed a few pounds and look their best. While those are both great reasons for working out, almost everyone that comes to the gym eventually loves the fact they have more energy and can do far more than they could before they started. After a few months of working out, clients notice they have more balance, coordination, are stronger and have more endurance. That’s functional fitness. It improves your range of motion and helps prevent muscle and joint injuries in the process.

Functional fitness works your core muscles.

While looking great is important, enjoying every minute of life to its fullest is far more important. You can’t do that if you’re not healthy and fit. When you do core training, which boosts that fitness, you’ll be boosting your chances of avoiding those sudden injuries from doing something as simple as bending over to tie a shoe or picking up a child. Whether you’re 26 or 86, this type of training can help you prevent injuries, boost your endurance and for seniors, help you live on your own longer.

You may not realize that you’re doing functional fitness training.

We just call it exercise, but in reality, you’re working all muscles in the body when you workout with us. While our workouts help you build muscle tissue and burn fat, they also aid in making sure you do everyday tasks at home, work or play with less potential for injury. It builds core strength, helps relieve backaches, builds strength an stability. Consider this. When you do squats, you’re burning calories and sculpting your body, but you’re also building strength so that sitting down and getting up from a chair are easier tasks.

It’s all about living better and feeling good.

Make this year the year you get back to those things you enjoyed doing when you were in your teens and twenties or trying new things you were afraid you didn’t have the strength or endurance to do. While we don’t necessarily focus on a specific functional fitness program, we provide all the training that not only helps you reduce injury, improve core strength, improve flexibility and boost your endurance. In other words, at Iron Fit, we not only help you shed those extra pounds, we get you ready for getting the most enjoyment out of life.

  • We can help everyone, even if you’re completely out of shape or have physical limitations. However, you need to check with your health care professional to make sure you’re able to start a fitness program and let us know your limitations.
  • Just imagine how great you’ll feel and look. Weight loss and body sculpting will boost your confidence, but the energy, strength and flexibility will boost the fun.
  • Seniors benefit from our fitness regimen. It helps reduce the risk of falls, slows or stops the progress of osteoporosis and improves balance. You’ll have pep in your step.
  • Exercises that focus on functional fitness work several joints and muscles at once. Instead of focusing just on a thigh muscle, it’s works the entire leg and hip area.

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