Foods To Eat That Build Muscle

foods that build muscleHealthy eating should be a goal for everyone, but some people want specific goals, such as losing weight or building muscle tissue. They often ask about foods to eat that build muscle, so I’ve prepared a list of some of my favorite muscle building foods that many of you have requested. One of the first on the list is lean meat. Lean meat, such as lean beef or skinless chicken shoould be a staple in your diet when muscle building is part of your program. Lean beef provides iron, zinc and vitamin B, plus high quality protein and amino acids. Skinless chicken is also good, aiding in building muscle tissue, while also lower in calories.

Dairy, such as cottage cheese, yogurt, milk and whey protein are great muscle tissue builders.

Like Little Miss Muffet, you can eat your curds and whey and grow big muscles. Curds, such as cottage cheese and whey are both milk products and contain a super rich source of amino acids necessary for building strong muscles. Unlike Miss Muffet, there will be no tuffet sitting at Iron Cross. You have to workout to add to the healthy eating if you want muscles.

Check the hen house for the next source.

Just like meat and other animal products, eggs are a good source of good protein. They contain nine essential amino acids to help build muscle tissue, choline—which is neither a vitamin or mineral, but a water soluble nutrient that helps improve liver function, is important to nerve and brain functioning, supports muscle movement, energy levels and metabolism. Eggs contain healthy fat and vitamin D. They give you the most bang for your grocery dollar if you’re budgeting and steak from grassfed beef is out of the question.

Let’s try some vegetarian options.

Beets are excellent sources of trmethylglycine—betaine, which improves liver functioning and joint repair. More recent clinical studies show it also is invaluable for increasing muscle power. Break out the borscht and build some muscle tissue. There are some very good recipes using beets that would be great additions to any meal. Oranges, canteloupe and other fruits and vegetables also provide necessary nutrients to build muscles quicker.

Try adding some brown rice to the menu. Brown rice boost the levels of GH—growth hormones. These are important to build lean muscle tissue and build strength.

Get a slow-digesting carb and protein in one with quinoa. This has growth factor-1 that builds lean muscles.

Popeye used it for building muscles and you should too. Spinach has the amino acid glutamine that plays an important role in building lean muscles.

Ezekial 4:9 bread helps build muscles in Biblical proportions. It’s name is actually taken from a Bible verse “Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them in a storage jar and use them to make bread for yourself.” It contains organic sprouted grains, legumes and is a complete protein since it contains all nine amino acids.

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