Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Hold You Back

Negative Thoughts

If you want to get into shape, but find negative thoughts are stopping you from ever starting on the road to your goal, it’s time to change. Replace the “I can’t” with an “I can.” You may have thought you were too busy, too tired or simply couldn’t achieve the goal you wanted, but you’d be wrong. Everything is possible when you have an “I CAN” attitude. Start looking for the reasons you can get into shape rather than those reasons you can’t.

Don’t let time stand in the way of a slimmer, fitter body.

Getting fit doesn’t have to consume your entire day. It may mean making a few changes, carving out a few extra hours and being aware of your goal. Changing how you eat is one the first things on the list. You don’t have to have a special diet, just learning to eat smarter is what it takes. It can mean making substitutions, such as eating brown or wild rice instead of white rice or having healthy snacks ready for mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Stocking up on healthy foods is just as easy and quick as having snack or processed foods available. Setting aside as little as four to five hours a week for working out can make a difference in your entire life. It will clear your brain and help you work smarter so you get more done in less time, offsetting any time taken working out.

Exhaustion can be eliminated with a schedule of regular exercise.

If you’re ready to fall flat on the couch and not move after you come home from work, exercise can help eliminate that exhaustion. You’ll be amazed at how energized you feel after working out. Exercise helps burn off the hormones created by stress. Stress can make you feel exhausted. Once you start exercising, you’ll find your mind clears and you get a second wind. It increases your circulation, sending oxygen and nutrient rich blood to all parts of your body. Sure you’ll be ready for bed when that time comes, but you’ll get a good satisfying rest, not just lay there reviewing everything that happened throughout the day. Often stress, not work is the real energy robbing culprit.

No fitness goal is impossible.

Even if you’ve failed losing weight or getting back into shape in the past, it doesn’t dictate your future. Often people find that when I help them, they have a clearer picture of what they have to do to achieve their goal and work harder than they might on their own. I help you set realistic goals, create a plan to achieve those goals and provide you with motivation along the way.

You’ll achieve your goals faster when you work with a trainer. When my clients see the progress, they’re more determined to stay on track to reach their next goal.

An “I can” attitude and mental toughness, the ability to stick to a goal long after others might have given up, are all learned through training. Not only are they valid for weight loss and fitness, they help in every area of your life.

You’ll walk taller thanks to better posture. That gives you a presence and makes others look at you differently. You’ll probably find you get more respect and advancements at work.

You’ll feel fantastic and improve your overall health. Eating healthy and regular exercise can help you avoid serious conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, but also build your immune system to prevent less serious ones, such as the flu or colds.

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