Carol N

I joined Iron Fit in March of 2016 and was slow going at first to get myself in the habit of concentrating on my health and fitness. I was not as committed and continued to struggle with schedules and EXCUSES. In September, Erik started a fitness challenge. I love challenges. I went to the meeting and was pumped and ready to start. Erik talked about eating habits and changing bad habits. He reviewed the importance of exercise and not just showing up and going through the motions – but having correct form and doing each exercise correctly.

When I started, I thought there was no way I could ever win a challenge like this because I was too heavy and this was really going to be hard. I was never happier to be wrong. I followed Erik’s guidelines and posted updates, and hints; talked to him in person when I felt confused or frustrated! Erik encouraged me to come to him – he doesn’t know what I’m thinking – I need to let him know –and he was there every step of the way. I started the challenge really out of shape and a lot of weight to loose. My ankles ached, my knees throbbed, and felt I would never advance in fat loss and muscle gain. I committed to the challenge and worked out every day. This was not a competition it was a challenge.

I faced my excuses and worked hard on the diet and exercise. I made the “Biggest Loser” board every week and was number 1 loser for several weeks and ended up the Biggest Loser Female! YES, I DID IT! After dropping 34 lbs. 16.8% of my body weight, I feel amazing and my ankles don’t hurt anymore, I am increasing my endurance along with building a stronger body. My family and friends do too! It is such a great feeling and what a motivator to continue. I still have weight to lose and I know I will continue to lose weight, build endurance and strengthen my body at IRON FIT. If there is anything I can say to change a person’s life to be healthier and happier it’s NO MORE EXCUSES.

If you give Erik Three Months to prove to you what YOU can do once you set your mind to it – YOU will look back and say “Why did I hesitate to get started?” You will feel better, look better and live happier! The next challenge is coming up real soon – and you can bet I’m going to be a part of it!!! I hope to lose another 20-30 pounds in 90 days. The first 34 are still gone – and gone for good… now for the next life changing event!


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