Best Workouts For Your Butt

We focus on total body workouts at Iron Fit in San Antonio, TX. If clients feel their tushie is too big, overall fitness is important. In order to lose weight in your derriere, you have to lose it all over your body. There is no spot exercise that can magically take weight off a specific area, but there are ways to tone the muscles to make specific areas more toned and tighter. Here are workouts for your butt that will help you get the bootie you want.

Everyone’s body is different.

Bottoms can be totally toned and still not be the shape you want. Some tushies are round, some are heart-shaped, some square and some look like an inverted V. However, with exercise, you can tone that area to make it look its best, even if you don’t have a Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian or Beyonce behind. Start with the legs and work up toward your bottom. Weighted calf raises, jumping rope and going up on toe like a ballerina can give you great ankles and calves. Then move on to the thighs.

Your booty requires toned thighs to look its best.

You can’t just work on your bottom to get the look you want, you have to focus on your thighs, as well. One connects to the other and affects how the other looks. Jumping plyometric squats, where you jump up, landing down in a squat and then jump up again to starting position in rapid succession builds strength in all your leg and butt muscles.

Work the thighs and bum with lateral lunges.

Focus on the total leg and bootie with ballerina plie squats. Your legs are at a wider stance and you turn your feet outward at 90 degrees to do those and go up on toe in a squat position. The width of the feet and how the feet are angled cause you to work a variety of leg and booty muscles. Explosive lunges also work the legs and bum. Explosive lunges start with hands on the hips, lunging forward on one leg, then jumping and switching the leg in front in midair. Continue jumping, switching and lunging for a full minute.

  • You can do all your squats and lunges as bodyweight exercises, but if you want to add a challenge and build muscle faster, hold dumbbells or other weight as you do.
  • Core exercises are also good for the derriere. A bridge exercise is one of those. Lie on your back on the floor with knees bent and your hands at your sides. Lift your hips five inches off the floor. Hold as you press your palms to the floor and squeeze your butt muscles for four seconds. Relax and repeat.
  • You can do mini workouts for the legs everywhere, even at work. Chair squats, like a squat but your bottom lightly touches the chair, but you don’t put your weight on the seat, are excellent for your bottom.
  • Our trainers at Iron Fit will create a workout that will help you reach your fitness goal quickly, even if you only want a better looking backside. You’ll get the benefit of achieving that goal and more.

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