Benefits Of Weighted Dips

Exactly what are weighted dips? To get that answer, you need to know what regular chest dips are. To do a dip, you hold the parallel bars and push yourself up until your arms are straight, leaning forward at a 45 degree angle, bent at the waist. Then pull your toes up toward the back of your shins, while your shoulders are pulled down and back. Hold and slowly lower your body into a dip until the elbows are bent at approximately 90 degrees and parallel to the floor. Push yourself back up into straight arm position.

Now you add weight to the dip.

You need parallel bars, a weighted dip belt and weight plates. It’s best to do these in the gym with a trainer watching, to make sure you have proper form. You start by putting the dip belt around your waist with the side for the chain in front. Put the carabiner through the belt loop to tighten, attach the weight plate on the side hanging then loop it around and clip it to the other side of the belt. Now you do the dip, but with the weight around your waist.

How do weighted dips benefit your body?

If you want to build upper body strength, weighted dips can certainly help you do it. They can build the muscles in the chest, shoulders and triceps, plus improve the strength of the muscle in the upper and lower back. They not only add strength, they can help build mass. Weighted dips work opposing muscle groups at the same time.

You can do variations.

You don’t have to use the dip belt and weight plates to do weighted dips, you can use a specially made weighted vest or take it one step further. Instead of attaching the weight to the upper body, try lifting a dumbbell between your ankles as you’re doing dips. You’ll need a helping hand to do this. You have to have someone put the dumbbell into place, between your ankles, once you’re in position on the dip bars.

  • Before you ever attempt to do weighted dips, which are more advanced, make sure you can do at least ten repetitions of regular chest dips. Start with lower weights and work toward more weight as you improve.
  • Always take precautions and let your trainer know of any preexisting conditions that this exercise might exacerbate. Never do weighted dips if you’re pregnant.
  • Ensuring you have proper form is extremely important. Keep your head and neck stable and make sure your elbows bend to the side, not out toward the back when you go up and down. By leaning slightly forward, you’re making sure the exercise works the chest.
  • Always give your body 48 to 72 hours of rest between sessions where you’re doing this or other upper body strength building exercises. It allows the body to heal and build muscle tissue.

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