Anti-Inflammatory Teas

All aspects of a healthy lifestyle are important, including healthy eating. At Iron Fit in San Antonio, Texas, we focus on the benefits of exercise and how to train your body to become the best possible you. Exercise is important for good health, but so are the other hallmarks of a healthy lifestyle, such as healthy eating. A diet high in sugar causes inflammation, which in turn can damage your body. When inflammation functions as it’s supposed to function, it helps prevent illness and infection. However, chronic inflammation can cause a number of health conditions. To avoid that, eating a healthy diet, which may include anti-inflammatory teas, exercise, stress control and adequate sleep can help.

One anti-inflammatory tea is easy to find and relatively inexpensive.

If you go to a restaurant, you’ll often find this tea as one of their beverages. It’s green tea and very easy to find on the grocery shelf. Studies show that people who drink green tea frequently often lose weight and look younger than those who don’t. That’s because green tea has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can reduce the markers of inflammation, level out blood sugar and help lower cholesterol. For some benefits, you need three to four cups a day, but for others, as little as a half cup a day will help.

Make your belly feel better with ginger tea, while you reduce inflammation.

Ginger tea contains gingerol, which has anti-inflammatory benefits. If you’ve ever been given ginger ale for an upset stomach, you probably already realize that ginger can provide stomach soothing benefits. However, it also can help control blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels. It can reduce chronic inflammation with the gingerols and phenolics it contains. While you can prepare ginger tea from fresh ginger root, it’s far more expedient to simply buy tea bags that are ready-to-use.

Turmeric tea has a peppery taste.

Not everyone loves the flavor of turmeric tea, but it isn’t horrible. It has a bit of a peppery taste. It’s often mixed with other ingredients to create a more pleasing flavor. One ancient recipe called golden milk tea has been used for healing. It helps improve immunity, reduce inflammation and joint pain, promote sleep, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and more. There are a number of recipes, but all of them include a pinch of black pepper, which enhances the properties of turmeric that come from curcumin.

  • Peppermint tea is anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti=microbial. It has long been used for respiratory and digestive issues, but beware if you have acid reflux. It can where it might aggravate the situation by relaxing the esophageal sphincter.
  • Chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory properties. It’s been used for thousands of years to promote relaxation. It actually lowers pain and inflammation, making it a natural pain reliever.
  • When you hear that yerba mate is an acquired taste, you immediately know it doesn’t taste good. However, it is rich with nutrients, containing a number of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants and amino acids. It protects the DNA from oxidative stress.
  • Holy basil isn’t the same as sweet basil used in cooking. It has a wide range of health benefits, including its anti-inflammatory properties. It has compounds that inhibit enzymes producing inflammation and can reduce uric acid levels that cause some inflammatory conditions.

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