Do You Have Fitness Goals

If you have fitness goals, you’ll find it far easier and a lot more motivating. Just deciding you’ll get into shape isn’t a goal, since you can’t measure your success or even know when you’ve reached your goals. A fitness goal is like a road map with a specific destination. You know where you start and where your trip ends, so plotting out the journey to reach it is far easier. When you weigh in and get a physical assessment when you first start, you have the starting point of your destination. Your ultimate fitness goal is your ultimate destination.

Just like a trip, you’ll have stops along the way to break up the journey.

These highlighted areas along the way to break up the long journey. In fitness goals, these are actually mini-goals. Driving across the country can seem far longer if you don’t have specific stops along the way to mark your progress. The same is true of getting fit. Having mini-goals that are easier to reach keep you motivated. That’s why tracking your progress is so important.

You’ll know when you’ve arrived at your destination when you take a trip, the same is true of fitness goals.

While you might want to create a new goal, achieving your first one is a momentous occasion. It means you’ve worked your hardest, stuck to the process and did what it takes to get your body back into shape. That goal will be different for everyone. It may be having a certain percentage of boy fat or a certain weight. Some people create a clothing size goal or use their belt notch setting to measure their progress. Whatever your ultimate goal, make it something exciting.

Don’t forget a time frame for your goal.

I like to use 12-weeks for most goals, but you can create a less aggressive goal for a month. The goal must be reasonable. So for those using the one month time frame, a huge loss in that short amount of time is far to optimistic. Make your goal a reach, make it exciting. Shedding one pound in a month certainly isn’t exciting and far less than you can expect to lose working out with our program.

When you have goals, the more ambitious they are, the harder they are to reach, but the more rewarding they are when you do. For huge weight-loss goals, adopt a healthy eating plan while you workout.

You can use health issues to measure your achievement. For instance, if you have higher blood pressure, a goal to lower it to normal could be exactly what you need. Always keep close contact with your health care provider, particularly if you’re taking medications that may need to be adjusted when you start to improve.

You’ll sleep better at night and have more energy during the day even before you reach your goal. That can help you get more work done at home and on the job, making the time at the gym even more valuable.

People will notice the difference in your body within the first 30 days. Your confidence level will soar.

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