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Improving general health, burning fat, building muscle, and increasing overall strength requires different methods of training because no single type of exercise will be able to address such multifaceted demands fully. A mixed approach to training and fitness programming that utilizes different types of exercise methods will provide far superior results when compared to using only one type of exercise, like running or just cardio based exercise. Although we like to use different methods to training to provide the fastest results possible, workouts should be structured and designed so the client or athlete is spending the majority amount of their training time and energy performing workouts that are aimed towards their fitness goals.

Iron Fit Basic Strength Circuits


Multi Joint exercises designed to work large muscle groups. We’ll focus on 5 basic movements that will build your muscular strength and endurance.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


An Iron Fit workout that combines bursts of intense training alternating with short periods of recovery exercises. One example – Tabata training, would include 20 seconds of all-out training intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest or a recovery activity, then repeat for a total of 4 minutes. HIIT training develops both aerobic and anaerobic capacity, burns calories and increases your metabolism causing your body to continue burning fat and calories long after your workout.

Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT)


An Iron Fit combination of circuit Training and complexes, MRT uses moderate weights for moderate reps while alternating upper and lower body exercises or doing whole body circuits and adding challenging forms of conditioning. MRT stimulates muscle growth AND post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) to boost fat burning long after (up to 30 hours after) your workout. An example would be a barbell complex or a total body weight lifting circuit.

Bodybuilding (hypertrophy)


Iron Fit bodybuilding sessions are all about lean muscle growth. Exercises include shoulder press, bent-over rows, strict-pull ups, split squats, curls, etc. Hypertrophy workouts are focused and include very little cardio if any and reps will be performed slowly and with strict control for maximum growth.

Power Cardio & Core (PCC)


A combination of steady state cardio, body-weight exercises, core training, and abs. It involves continuous and steady effort to burn those stubborn extra calories. You reach your “fat-burning zone” and remain there for the duration of your training. An example would be 3-4 rounds, 1 minute each of jump rope, body weight lunges, planks, & sit-ups.

Conditioning Drills


Wind sprints, battle ropes, kettlebells, burpees, calisthenics and body-weight exercises, plyometics, sled pushes, slam balls, wall ball, tire flipping, sledge hammer chops, etc. You will be continuously challenged and you will never be bored!

Iron Fit Powerlifting


Powerlifting involves low reps with heavier weights in three exercises: bench press, squat, and deadlift. These basic movements build a strong foundation, strengthens joints, ligaments, tendons, bones and of course muscle.

Core Training


Core training strengthens the muscles that support your body, the muscles that surround and support your spine and protect it from damage. Your core also includes the muscles of your hips, lower back and abdominals. Core training improves strength, flexibility, stability and posture. Exercises for your core include bridges, medicine ball rotations, chopping exercises and traditional abdominal work.

Cross Training

CrossFit’s specialty is Not to specialize. You never know what type of workout you will be in for.

CrossFit incorporates Olympic lifting, and gymnastics in their workouts.

Competitive, performance driven.

Most workouts/exercises are performed for reps at a high intensity for the fastest time.


Boot camps aren’t tailored to different skill levels – people struggling can get left behind and won’t benefit as much.

A lot of boot camps are done outdoors in an uncontrolled environment using various fitness styles and techniques.

Competitive, speed-driven.

High intensity reps usually done in 30-minute sessions.


Iron Fit programming is “specific” to burning fat and building lean muscle. Our workouts are structured and specific.

We eliminate Olympic lifting and gymnastics to prevent the likelihood of injury.

Results driven. Iron Fit was developed with only one goal in mind – Delivering Results!

Our strength workouts are slow and controlled with form and safety being the main focus rather than speed.

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